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Nature in the form of art

My work stems from the idea of creating works that bring the harmonious essence of nature into the environment that will host them.

The design derives from a careful study of elements of the Tuscan countryside, from which I have gained creative insights.



My attention is directed towards a sustainable world.

The artistic techniques have a low environmental impact and the materials, both for the works and the packaging, come mainly from the local market.

To live in balance with the earth and all the people

The name

Inspired by the philosophy of the "Arts & Crafts Movement". The difference is "Art" in the singular.

Art is unique and is manifested in all its forms.

For a new appreciation of the art of working with one’s hands

primo maggio FB.jpg

Who is Eileen?

Eileen was born in the South African veldt and raised in the Tuscan countryside.

Having always been in contact with nature in all its forms and with art in general, ethnic culture, Renaissance art, crafts and design, she now feels the need to synthesize all these stimuli into her works of art.

Eileen trained at the Arezzo Institute of Art in techniques of printing on fabric, then in painting and sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy of Urbino.

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